Amc Group


AMC’s vision is to lead the mediation industry in all Arab countries through setting the highest standards in accordance to which all mediation services will be measured.

AMC will be the destination for parties and their respected attorneys when seeking to resolve their disputes in an efficient and satisfactory manner, especially when the stakes are high, the disputed matter is complex, and the parties appear unyielding. AMC’s headquarters is in Cairo, Egypt. This is where AMC will be managing all the remaining branches in the Arab world. 


AMC is working to establish and support a friendly mediation/ADR culture all across the Arab world by:

* Providing mediation/ADR services in compliance with the highest international standards

* Creating a strong foundation of competent Arab neutrals through excellent set of trainings

* Enriching the Arabic legal literature with specialised mediation/ADR work in the Arabic language.

* Increase public awareness by launching numerous initiatives and events through the collaboration with governments, NGOs and the private sector creating an “Eco System” to encourage the use of mediation/ADR

In carrying out such goals AMC has formed a successful partnership with JAMS and reputable international law schools along with the Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee, that has great expertise and is very influential both in the Arab world and on the international level in the mediation/ADR field. 


Confidentiality: We respect and commit to the parties’ wishes to maintain the privacy of their disputes and outcomes.

Neutrality: Our mediators are free from favouritism, bias or prejudice and they are there to assist all parties of the dispute in a neutral and professional manner.

Parties’ self-determination: We honor the parties’ freedom, wishes and intellect and our mediators are there to empower them to reach to a mutually acceptable settlement that better addresses their needs and meets their sense of fairness.

Quality Process: Our mediators’ main objective is to promote a quality process through the highest international best practices. 

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