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What is Mediation

Mediation as a dispute resolution method means in the simplest of words; an assisted negotiation. 

Mediation is a process in which a competent mediator enhances communication levels and facilitates negotiation between parties allowing them to better understand the different dimensions of their dispute and each other’s perspectives consequently allowing the parties to reach an informed voluntary decision regarding their dispute.

Mediation allows the parties to keep their dispute private, sustain control over the outcome, maintain good relations and future collaborations and create creative mutually accepted solutions regarding their dispute in a flexible, less time intensive, less costly private manner when compared to adjudication.

How to learn more about Mediation 

To learn more about mediation and its importance, role, and procedures; you can do the following:

1. Watch the video.

2. Get in touch and send a request, free of charge, to meet a mediator in the center on Please write free in the subject of your email.

3. Participate in one of our training courses (check our Training Programs).

AMC Model Mediation Clause 

The Arab Mediation Center designed a “ Model Mediation Clause’’ to be included when signing new contracts, with the possibility of including customized conditions that the parties agree to on a case by case basis, such as the venue of the mediation, required mediator experience, and fees allocation between the parties.

AMC Model Mediation Clause “The Parties agree to resolve any dispute or controversy arising out of or in relation to the contract in accordance to the Arab Mediation Center’s rules. Each party has the right to initiate mediation proceedings by sending a mediation request to both the center and the other party.”

AMC Mediation Rules

If you have a local dispute, please refer to the local rules  of the Arab Mediation Center. 

If you have an international dispute, please refer to JAMS’ international rules.

Request for Mediation

If you wish to send a mediation request, Please fill out the form below and send it: