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Introduction To Mediation as a Dispute Resolution Method


Book Overview

Introduction To Mediation as a Dispute Resolution Method


Sherif Elnegahy & Ahmed Hamdan


Egyptian Lebanese Publishing house


Book ID Card:

Paperback, 1, 292 pages

Published 2017 by al masriah 

Original Title: المدخل لدراسة الوساطة في تسوية المنازعات

Authors: Sherif Elnegahy and Ahmed Hamdan

ISBN  9789777951 

Edition Language:  Arabic


Book Abstract:

In the light of the embarrassing lack of coherent Arabic sources when it comes to the rich filed of mediation; comes this work as the first comprehensible Arabic reference that reflects mediation knowledge and experience from international jurisdictions such as USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and UK. The book presents to the Arab readers the essence, potentials, current and debatable topics about the mediation concept and process, all in an appealing, culture friendly and adequate Arabic language. The book covers topics such as; mediation definition, values, process, neutrality and confidentiality. Moreover, it addresses the relationship between mediation, law and justice, and the concept of mediation informed consent. The book sends a call to the Arab governments, academics, legal elites and peacemakers to take reforms to embrace mediation and integrate it in the formal justice systems, law schools’ syllabuses and the different communities’ initiatives; allowing the Arab countries to benefit from all the positive potentials of mediation.    




About the authors:

Sherif Elnegahy is a Chief Judge in the Egyptian Judiciary and a Law Tutor and PhD Candidate at the University of Strathclyde UK. He obtained his LLM in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University USA; he is a Fulbright and Chevening Alumni and was awarded JAMS Weinstein and Rotary Peace Fellowships. Elnegahy is CEDR London accredited mediator and a mediation expert for The Arab Mediation Center affiliated with JAMS International.  


Ahmed Hamdan is a Chief Judge in the Egyptian Judiciary and a Law Tutor and PhD Candidate at the University of Strathclyde UK. He obtained his LLM in law from SOAS University of London. He is a Chevening Alumni and a distinct Arabic author; in 2010 his book “Albeasa” have been awarded Sawiras culture prize and in 2012 his book “Alhegra” have been shortlisted for Sheikh Zayed book award. Hamdan is a mediation expert for the Arab Mediation Center affiliated with JAMS International.    



About the sponsor 

The Arab Mediation Center (AMC) affiliated with JAMS International was established through a successful collaboration between distinguished judges and legal elites who all share the knowledge, expertise, and the belief in the importance of mediation in addressing the limitations associated with classical Litigation and Arbitration. AMC sponsored this book as part of its mission to spread and support a friendly mediation culture across the Arab world. For more information about AMC please see: 



Book reviews:

Dr. Hossam Lotfy a member of the publication reviewing panel said: “The book is considered as the first complete mediation reference in the Arabic language. It includes very valuable details and presents practical solutions that can enhance the Justice systems across the Arab world and gives the litigants a much better experience.” Moreover, there are number of book reviews that have been published with a very positive notes; for example, see: 

  • Ahmed Elsherif, The introduction to mediation is a book that presents a modern strategy for the justice system, Alyoum7 ejournal, Aug 2017
  • Mohamed Alhamasy, The Introuduction to Mediation between the western experience and the application in the Arab word, ejournal, Oct 2017
  • Mohamed Alhamamsy, Elnegahy and Hamdan: Mediaiton is the destination in US and Europe, Middle East Online ejournal, Sep 2017
  • Un-known author, The Introuduction to Mediaiton is a book about saving ill justice system, Almedan journal, Aug 2017
  • Belal Ramadan, Introudction to Mediaiton …Life is shorter to be wasted in courts, Sout Alouma, Aug 2017
  • Un-known author, The Intrudction to mediation is the latest publication of the Egyptian Lebenese Publishing house, Alwatan news e journal, Aug 2017   


Book award nomination: 

The book is published in late 2017 and already has been nominated for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award (


Book Index  

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • First Section: The Concept Of Mediation 
    • Chapter One: What Is Mediation?
      • Mediation Terminology.
      • Mediation History. 
    • Chapter Two: Why Mediation?
      • Mediation Objectives.
      • Mediation Values.
    • Chapter Three: How Mediation Works?
      • Mediation Styles.
      • Mediation Phases.
    • Chapter Four: Is There A Unified Mediation Detention?
      • Mediation Promise.
      • Proposed Definition.
  • Second Section: Can Mediation Deliver Justice?
    • Chapter One: Can Justice Be Achieved By The Use Of Mediation 
      • The Idea Of Justice.
      • Mediation And Justice.
    • Chapter Two: Is Mediation Concerns About Applying The Law
      • Mediation Outside The Orbit Of The Law.
      • Mediation Serving The Law.
    • Chapter Three: Mediation And The Actors Of Justice
      • Mediators’ Accreditation Requirements
      • Dose Parties’ Must Be Represented By Lawyers In Mediation?
    • Chapter Four: Dose Mediation Informed Consent Answers The Justice Questions In Mediation?
      • The Concept Of Mediation Informed Consent.
      • The Role Of Mediator In Achieving Mediation Informed Consent.
  • Conclusion.
  • References.
  • Index   

Book publisher:

Egyptian Lebanese Publishing house,